Panorama Sauna

An excellent solution, which can serve as an elegant sauna, garden house or cottage. The compact and modern BOX of superior quality can be fitted in the garden, on the terrace or even balcony.
You can pick the design, colours and materials to your liking; thus, the BOX becomes a smart addition to your home.
Depending on your needs, the BOX can be used as a home office, sauna, or a garden house where you can enjoy the nature and the view and the good company of your friends. The BOX is small outside, but big inside, it can be mounted in a corner of the garden or on the terrace. BOX can also serve as an extension of an existing terrace.

Height: 2.5 m
Width: 2.3 m
Length: 2.3 m
Floor area: 5.3 m2

Choice of materials:
Exterior finishing: HPL sheet, either white or grey.
Interior finishing: floor boards of heat-treated spruce; wall boards of aspen or alder.
Sauna benches: aspen (light) or heat-treated aspen (dark).
We are always ready to accommodate your own ideas and proposals.