Do you love cooking outside and eating in the open air? If so, a garden house with an outdoor kitchen is just for you.
Modern and spacious, with sliding glass walls – this is the garden house with an outdoor kitchen that can be used way longer than the summer lasts in the Nordic climate. Can be easily fitted into a garden, as an extension of the terrace or a standalone building amongst beautiful scenery.

The measurements of the version presented:
Height: 2.8 m
Width: 4 m
Length: 6 m
Floor area: 24 m2
*The measurements and floor area can be modified to accommodate the needs of the customer.

Choice of materials:
Exterior finishing: HPL sheet, either white or grey.
Wooden parts: top-quality larch boards; colour to be chosen by the customer.
Interior finishing: flooring – heat-treated spruce, parquet, or ceramic tiles.
Walls: aspen or alder wall boards, plasterboard, or ceramic tiles.
We are always ready to accommodate your own ideas and proposals.

Prices from 500 euros/m2 (without the kitchen equipment). We can also supply the kitchen equipment.